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Many times we got questions about collaborations and we love it but offcourse we got limits.
We work with businesses, photo artists, magazines, movie company's & models worldwide who promote our quality gear on websites, social media, movies & events.
Collaborate with Slagwerk Atelier doesn't always mean free stuff! Because of the high quality materials and the costs of our products we think it's fair to
ask a small fee for the goods we provide to keep our business up & running. We know you understand!
Send us a short email with your collaboration motivation & we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Funkographer France

Based in France Funkographer is an entity based on image and photography born from the ashes of a recording studio.Discover contemporary artworks by Funkographer, browse recent artworks and buy online.


Amalie von Stein Germany

I am a classic dominatrix and fetish artist.
I love to play with my slaves and to push them to their limits with passion and emphasis.


Genz0 Photography Belgium

Genzo Photography is a professional Belgian fetish & latex photographer based in the heart of Brussels.I wanted to tell something through my work, or at least let people discover a universe they don’t really know.


Killer Heels Photography U.K.

Killer Heels Photography U.K. is about a certain style, a recognisable look, an amazing and memorable experience.Fetish and latex wear fashion photography. Making your shiny dreams come true.


Kink Queens New York

Kink Queens is dedicated to serving the professional interests of the Dominatrix and Alpha Female by providing them multimedia adult services and space to practice their craft to increase clientele.


Fierce Photography U.K.

Our all female team will style you to perfection, fill you with confidence and guide you through the photoshoot of your dreams. Our Makeover Photoshoots are for all women. There are no barriers to age, size or shape.